For professional and experienced underground car park painting, get in contact with Tom Murray Painting Contractors today.

Underground Car Parking Painting

Tom Murray Painting Contractors provides clients with a complete underground car park painting service.
Our underground car park painting services includes:

  • Markings set out to the highest of professional standards

  • Markings applied to both new and existing car parks

  • Lines, letters, numerals, symbols and arrows

  • Markings available in a range of colours

We are also available to remove pre-existing line markings by either surface grinding or by using the burn and brush method.

Our Underground Car parking Service

Underground car park painting is a specialist painting service that requires particular expertise.
Line markings are made from special paint which is designed to withstand the stress of transport vehicles. This paint also needs to be highly visible in the dark environment of underground car parks. All our underground car park painting services are completed in accordance with all legal directives and regulations.